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Pluï Cloud

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Key Features :

Can open up for cleaning!

Teaching through play.



Enhances decor.

No weather forecast required.

Why we love this toy :

Every cloud has a silver educational lining.

Product details

Pluï – The Rain Cloud beautifully illustrates the cycle of water and magically turns kids into little rainmakers. The smart bath toy works like a pipette and makes simple physics tangible and fun. The Pluï Cloud is sure to inspire wonderful stories. It delights and surprises and quickly becomes an indispensable accessory during bath time. A hidden mechanism allows parents to open the Cloud for cleaning.

Pluï is a charming new water toy that's guaranteed to add plenty of fun in the bath tub or at the swimming pool. Immerse it in water to fill up and then let it rain. Pluï arouses curiosity and stimulates the kids' imagination and senses.

Color: white

Dimensions: 92 x74 x 70mm

Material: ABS 

BPA-free, phthalate-free, latex-free

Patent pending, mod. int. dép.