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RM 2,229.00 RM 299,900.00


It is a playpen for baby, in which he/she will feel as cozy as in his/her crib. The mat on the ground is really soft and comfortable and the walls are smooth as well. Ideal for afternoon naps or as a spare baby or toddler bed. When he/she grows up, it will become his/her favorite play area. Or an awesome ball pool. 


It looks like a playpen, but it also a large play area for your little ones. Doors open and close with a smart system of velcro fasteners and a zipper. When they grow up, your kids will use it as a playmat or as a tent. Very convenient, it folds back to be stored aside.

Color: Fruits / Milk 

Size: 1350(W) x 2400(L) x 400(H)mm x 50(D)mm 

Weight: 5kg 

Outshell: Premium PU Memorial Fabric 

Lining: Air cell pad (PE)