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Just like the CAKE, but even more astute. One can sit with a mate or an adult. It unfolds and folds back with an extra block to play with. Your toddlers will be fond of this sofa, to imagine bathtub, boats or little market stories. Could also be used as a doll's bed or a treasure's hideout, of course. 


Easy and fantastic at the same time. LONGCAKE is so comfortable that even grown ups will use it as a bench or a footrest. In the center of the living room, it is a perfectly neat and safe coffee table, without any risk of injury when your little baby starts crawling everywhere. Just imagine how you would like to enjoy it: it is as easy as a piece of cake.

Color: A type (Red+White) 

B type (Green+Yellow) 

Size: 800(W) x 350(L) x 360(H)mm 

Weight: 4kg 

Outshell: Premium PU Memorial Fabric

 Lining: Castella Block (Urethan+PE)