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Fingercar White + 10x Paper Road

RM 179.00 RM 219.00

More than a toy car.

When perfect craftsmanship merges with unique design, it results in something more than just a toy! Do you need to concentrate, relax or just have a bit of fun? The Fingercar will cover everything - the piece stands out a mile for each age group.

Unique design

Control the Fingercar by one finger - due to precise processing and unique design you can change running direction by tilting it to sides. Try and see – be careful, because it is more difficult than appears.

Bottomless pit of ideas

It does not end with driving on the table. Quite the opposite! Except for the Fingercar each package contains a set of marker pens which transform the Fingercar into the artist's brush. And how about to control the car by two fingers? Try the joystick enclosed. Do not forget about the speedway which you can piece together as puzzle. You have endless possibilities and it depends on your fantasy only